Nicole Arbour Is Copying Jenna Marbles

So I’m browsing my Facebook news feed tonight when I see this video of fellow Candian Nicole Arbour.

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Posted by Nicole Arbour on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Now, I know very little about this women and I’m not sure where I was introduced to her. But I had never seen one of her video’s of heard her talk.

That was until the video above. After 30 seconds, something became very clear. She or Jenna Marbles jacked the other’s delivery. I’ve seen my fair share of Jenna Marbles videos over the years so I am guessing it’s Nicole.

And after one internet search for “Nicole Arbour Jenna Marbles” and coming across only this post, I see that I am not only in hearing the distinct similarty in Nicole’s delivery. This is so suprising to me as it’s clear as day that’s is the exact same.

With any art from though, there will be often samples or similar copies. A lot of the house music I listen to and mix has samples you hear often in other tracks. The same goes with artists or chefs.

I’ve been a firm believer in that there are hardly any new ideas out in the world and most are recycled. But when it comes to Nicole Arbour, she has pretty much stole Jenna Marbles delivery. But unlike the music industry, you can’t copywrite a delivery like you can a song and lyrics. However, more people should think about the fact that they’re are following someone who isn’t that original.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Is it just the video above the has the same delivery as Jenna Marbles? Do I need to watch more of her videos to be a better judge of this?