Joca – Chasing The Vibe 001

Vibrations effect our mood. Sometimes there’s bad vibes and bad moods. But we try to stay away from them.

Instead, we’re trying to chase the the positive vibes. Music is a great way to chase positive thoughts, feelings and vibes. Doesn’t matter it’s it’s pop, country or electronic, it all has positive and happy elements. But for me, my brain is drawn to electronic and more specifically the deep, tech and progressive house genres.

Now I haven’t put a mix together in a couple of years. And even at that, I haven’t mixed on a regular basis in probably 6 years. I got away from. I didn’t have the time or desire. But I’ve been inspired by some amazing mixes and tracks over the last year that I wanted to pick up mixing again. This will be a regular mix series for the rest of this summer.

A common theme with all my mixes is melodies. And in terms of structure, I like to start with slow and chilled out deep house. Midway through I like to pick up the energy and move into darker tech house. The finishes are always comprised of uplighting progressive house.

Chasing The Vibe is no different. Overall this is my favourite mix to date. The mixing, the tracks and levels are bang on. Hope you enjoy!

1 – Turmstrasse – Der Tanz Der (Gluehwuermchen Kollektiv Turmstrasse Dirt Glow Remix)
2 – RJ – Nie
3 – Jacob Groening – Never End (Powel Remix)
4 – Pysh – Visions
5 – Of Norway – Spirit Lights (Lehar Remix)
6 – Aera – You Know Juno (The Drifter Remix)
7 – Vince Watson – Deja Vu
9 – Oliver Weiter – Takkie (Einmusik Remix).mp3
10 – Javier Portilla & Sotela ft. Emalaine Your Eyes (King Unique Remix)
11 – Alex Niggaman – Earth Symphony
12 – Cristoph – Slowly Burning feat Jem Cooke Dub
13 – Christian R Kasall – Senses
14 – Andre Sabota – Solaris (James Teej Saturn City Remix)
15 – Bastards Of Funk – Nitro Cannon (Matias Chilano Remix)
16 – Valer – Forgive (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
17 – Stas Drive – Dune
18 – Guy J – Nirvana


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