Music From Europe

Music plays an important part in all my memories. I was going through my Soundcloud likes and started listening to the mixes that I played during my entire Europe trip last year. So many positive vibes are remembered when I listen to these mixes and remember my trip.

For my future reference, I’m going to post them in once place.

Probably the mix I played the most during the trip. I specially remember listening to this on the way to Paris from Stuttgart. It was the end of the trip and I couldn’t help but smile the whole train ride.

Marc is from Berlin and was playing at a festival the day I got in there. I tried to find some tickets but didn’t get any response if there was any. I should have tied harder to get to the event and ask for tickets.

My favourite track from the entire mix, and probably year was:

Alberto Jossue & Alexandar Kojic – Cameron (Original Mix)

So much class in it. Starts off pretty sad and dark. Then the long break comes and we’re greeted with some uplifting melodies that play so well off each other.

I got to see Hisham play in New York a few months later. He’s been my favourite DJ for a couple of years now. This mix was played close to 20 times during my trip. So moody and emotional, a real trip.

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