Positive Vibes At Vegas Baby 2014

I just got back from Las Vegas yesterday and I still get over what an amazing time I had. For someone who had been there three times in an eight month stretch, I hadn’t been since 2009.

One of the reasons was I tired of it. The last time I was there it was quiet and the energy of place was flat. This time around that wasn’t the case. Despite it being the week before US Thanksgiving, it was packed.

My Golf Peeps

There was a big crew of golfers down there for the Vegas Baby Pro-Am and many of them members at my home course Victoria Golf Club. I got an invite back in July and jumped on it right away as I knew the group was going to fun. Well, I had more laughs that I’ve ever had on a golf course over the course of the three rounds.

That was just the start of the fun I had. A few of the members who I’ve played regular with over the years were my crew for dinners and getting rides to the course. I shared even more laughs with them at dinner and in the car on our way to the course. Many of the laughs where due to things that I cannot mention but I laughed so hard all week.

Spreading The Vibes

Overall, it was a really amazing experience. Everyone I talked to whether I knew them or not was so positive. The vibes were being spread all over. It reminds of this highly underrated late 90’s hip hop track from Canadian group the Rascalz featuring Barrington Levy.

Here are the lyrics for Levy’s course:

“In New York they wants me
And I’m gonna be there
Van-city’s calling
And I’m gonna be there
In T-Dot, they wants me
And I’m gonna be there, spreading the vibes
All over the world”

My mother and I have talked a lot of the last few years about people’s energy and vibrations. It’s amazing when our energy and vibrations are positive what we attract. That’s why I felt that no matter what I did down there was positive. There wasn’t one negative interaction. I was attracting positive ones towards me.

Another thing that I noticed is I felt a lot of love. Over the years I’ve noticed I tend to keep my feelings in. Being down there though I told a few people how much I appreciated having them in life. I even texted an old friend and caught him off guard. But it was because I never had told him how thankful I was. This is something I will be doing more of now that I am back home.

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